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ProductWiki Product Reviews API

The ProductWiki API provides developers read-only access to the ProductWiki product database for free. The API is a pretty simple HTTP implementation with one schema that can return results in XML or JSON formats.

Obtaining Access

1. Register for an API key by filling out the form here.

2. Abide by the API Guidelines.

Request URL

Requests are sent to: http://api.productwiki.com/connect/api.aspx?[parameter collection]

All API calls should be sent as a GET HTTP request.

Response Schema

The XML Schema is available here. (There is only one type of product response)

All requests, even errors should result in a status-200 response with the relevant information contained in the "message" field.


Copy/paste the following URLs into your browser to view product report data in XML format for the Apple iPhone 3GS:

Example URL
Search request: http://api.productwiki.com/connect/api.aspx?op=search&q=iphone&format=xml&key=123456789
ProductID request: http://api.productwiki.com/connect/api.aspx?op=product&format=xml&idtype=productid&idvalue=27864&key=123456789
UPC request: http://api.productwiki.com/connect/api.aspx?op=product&format=xml&idtype=UPC&idvalue=885909212132&key=123456789
Explicit fields: http://api.productwiki.com/connect/api.aspx?op=product&format=xml&idtype=UPC&idvalue=885909212132&key=123456789&fields=skus,images,description


Name Explanation Values Notes
op the kind of request you're making
  • search
  • product
  • required
key your API key  
  • required
idtype the identifier type used for a product request
  • productid
  • UPC
  • ASIN
  • EAN
  • MPN
idvalue the value that corresponds to the idtype  
  • required for product request
  • example: idtype=UPC and idvalue=454968800194
    will search ProductWiki look for a product with a UPC # of 454968800194
q url encoded query string for the search  
  • required for search request
page what page number you'd like for the current search  
  • optional
  • default is 1
fields comma separated list of fields to return

For product requests

  • proscons
  • images
  • key_features
  • reviews
  • tags
  • competitors
  • related
  • skus
  • images

For search requests

  • proscons
  • key_features
  • tags
  • skus
  • images
  • optional
  • default depends on op type
format what format you want the response in.
  • xml
  • json
  • optional
  • default is xml
callback method name in the case of a JSONP request  
  • optional

Technical Notes


Due to our reliance on Google Search and filtering results on products the actual number of products returned in a search is variable, which can make it difficult to know when to page. In general if there are more than 5 products returned then it's safe to know that there will at least be products returned on the next page.

Data Type Reuse

The same data types are used in multiple areas of the response schema, despite some of the member information not applying in the specific context.

For example, community_review_statement is found under the collaborative product.proscons field and under an individual product.reviews field.

The community_review_statement.submitter field is always "false" in the collaborative review because it doesn't make sense in this context. However, in the individual review the submitter field may be "true" OR "false" depending on whether or not the reviewer was the first to submit that particular pro or con.